Georgia Milestones Testing Begins Monday for FCS
Georgia Milestones Testing Begins Monday for Floyd County Schools
Posted on 04/11/2018

This is a friendly reminder that our End of Grades (EOG) Milestones testing for grades 3-8 will begin next Monday, April 16th.

Here are some helpful tips for Floyd County families to be “Test Ready” from Director of Advanced Programs and Assessment, Mrs. McCall Govignon:

1. Get a good night's sleep each night before testing.
2. Eat breakfast!
3. Make sure your child is prepared by going to to practice.
4. Be on time to school.
5. Please avoid checking your child out of school on testing days.
6. Remain Positive- Children feed off of our behavior. Staying calm will help our child stay calm. Try to avoid conflict or arguments the mornings of testing.

The schedule for EOG Milestones testing for Floyd County students is as follows:

- 3rd-8th graders
April 16- ELA -Reading Evidence Based Writing
April 17 and 18- ELA Sections 2 and 3
April 19 and 20- Math

- 5th and 8th graders only
April 23- Science
April 24- Social Studies