Fall Middle School Math
Floyd County math competition announces fall winners
Posted on 11/18/2016
Winners of fall math competition
Middle school students from Floyd County Schools came together for the annual Middle School Math Competition this past week.  The competition is a two-part math battle with one competition held in the fall and another in the spring.

The team winners are not announced until all scores are combined for the two competitions in the spring but for the first time, the individual winners were announced for the fall event.

The math competition consists of three rounds. In the first round, each student takes a written test consisting of 25 problems scored on a 100-point scale.  

The second round is a ciphering competition with students racing to answer questions.  Correctly answered questions within the first 30 seconds are awarded three points for each problem.  Correct answers between 30 and 60 seconds are worth two points; questions answered between 61 and 90 seconds are worth one point.  The math competitors are challenged with a total of ten ciphering problems in the round.  

The final round consists of team problem solving where all students from each school join with others in their grade-level to answer 10 brain teaser questions.  The last round's questions were worth 10 points each. 

Content for the written test and the ciphering is based on standards addressed during the year for each grade level.  The questions used for the written test and ciphering were grade specific.  For the brain teasers, the same questions were used for all grades. 

Those who placed in this year's fall competition were:

6th Grade
1st Place - Emma Couch (Model Middle School)
2nd Place - tie - Matthew Campbell (Armuchee Middle School) & Ashton Williams (Coosa Middle School)
3rd Place - tie - David Lane (Armuchee Middle School) & SG Gowens (Model Middle School)

7th Grade 
1st Place - Liam Marshall (Model Middle School)
2nd Place - Dante Thompson (Pepperell Middle School)
3rd Place - Kylie Hann (Pepperell Middle School)

8th Grade
1st Place - Virginia Nash (Armuchee Middle School)
2nd Place - Zayden Sullins (Coosa Middle School)
3rd Place - tie - Clay Crawford (Pepperell Middle School) & Will Helton (Pepperell Middle School)

Photo below:  Front Row (left to right):  Emma Couch, SG Gowens, Matthew Campbell, David Lane, Ashton Williams, Kylie Hann, Dante Thompson Back Row (left to right):  Will Helton, Zayden Sullins, Clay Crawford, Liam Marshall, Virginia Nash winners