AES Penny Drop 2016
Armuchee principal is a rooftop administrator for school exceeding fundraising goal
Posted on 09/23/2016
Principal Stewart climbs ladder to roof of school
Young learners are the digital generation and the children at Armuchee Elementary School boosted the school's technology by raising over $10,000 in a recent school fundraiser to purchase additional Chromebooks for use in the classroom.  The students get technology for the classroom and the principal will get out of the office for a day as a result of the school's fundraiser success.  Principal Rodney Stewart promised to spend the school day on the roof of the school if the children and staff exceeded the goal of the fundraiser.

Armuchee's goal was to raise $8,000 in the AES 13th Annual Penny Drop fundraiser.  The final day saw $3,700 added to the fundraiser total to far exceed the goal and send the principal to the roof.  On Friday morning at 8:30 a.m., Mr. Stewart climbed to the roof of the school and his ladder was pulled away for him to spend the day on the roof.  
In the fundraiser, children brought money to the school and dropped it into a bottle outside of a teacher's class.  Pennies, dollars and checks were considered good money and increased the collection total for a teacher's class.  The silver change was "poison" or bad money and reduced the total.  The children would place the good money in their class bottle while adding silver money to other teacher's bottles.  "It was a fun game of strategy to enhance the technology program at our school," stated Stewart.  The winning classes from each grade level won a limo ride this Friday for a free pizza meal at Pasquales.
Everyone at the school comes out a winner as the funds will purchase 40 new Chromebooks for classrooms. Well, everyone except Mr. Stewart as the heat continues to bear down on our area and the high is predicted to be 94 degrees today.  He is keeping a good attitude about the situation.  Stewart said, "We thank the students, parents, grandparents, friends, and businesses for investing in the kids at Armuchee Elementary by participating in this fun fundraiser."  

Video: The reaction of Mrs. Lindsey Barcomb's fourth-grade winning class
Photo below:  Mr. Stewart runs the school from the rooftop.

Mr. Stewart runs the school from the roof for the day