Teacher honored by Sweet Frog
Student nominations win Pepperell teacher Sweet Frog treats for a year
Posted on 05/24/2016
Jenny Hunt Sweet Frog
Children in elementary school often say that their teachers are sweet but some Pepperell Elementary kids helped to ensure their teacher stayed sweet for the next year.  A class at  Pepperell Elementary recently added sweetness to their teacher's life by submitting nominations for their teacher to win a prize from Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt. Jenny Hunt, a fifth-grade teacher at Pepperell Elementary, has won a frozen yogurt each month for a year thanks to her student's nominations.

The Rome Sweet Frog location held a contest with students from area schools nominating their teacher for the grand prize of a year's worth of visits to the frozen treat shop.  The Sweet Frog Facebook page posted Hunt as the winner this week with a copy of a nomination written by one of her students.

The nomination featured on the Sweet Frog Facebook page was written by Whitley Mathis, a fifth-grader in Ms. Hunt's classroom. "She is very funny and is always making our class laugh," wrote young Whitley in her nomination. "She also is a fun teacher and she makes learning fun!"  One class activity described in the nomination was dance breaks provided by Ms. Hunt.  "Almost every day, we take dance breaks to get our brains going again," wrote Mathis. 

"All of the kids in my class got involved and wrote nominations," stated Hunt. "I am just so honored to have been selected knowing the great teachers we have here at Pepperell and so many other excellent teachers in the area schools." 

It is all about making the learning experience fun and interesting for the children and involving them in their learning.  "She lets us talk in class to our groups to see how we feel about things," concluded Mathis in her letter. "I love Ms. Hunt because she is a special teacher." 

This is the last week of school and Mathis wrote about how much she was going to miss Ms. Hunt. "She tells us about her animals by sharing pictures and videos," Mathis said. "I will miss her so much in sixth-grade.  Ms. Hunt will not soon forget her class of fifth-graders this year.  Certainly, she will remember them fondly once a month over the next year as she is using her complimentary visits to Sweet Frog.

Photo: Whitley Mathis and Jenny Hunt