Pepperell Graduation Walk
Pepperell seniors take their Dragon Graduation Walk
Posted on 05/23/2016
graduation walk

Celebration music blasted through the speakers of Pepperell Primary, McHenry Primary, Pepperell Elementary and Pepperell Middle School on Friday as members of the Pepperell High 2016 graduating class walked the halls of each of the Pepperell High feeder schools to celebrate their pending graduation and inspire the future graduates of tomorrow.This was the first year Pepperell High School has held a senior walk and the area schools plan to make the graduation walk a tradition for future senior classes.


"The walk makes it real for both the graduates and the younger students," commented Dr. Dale Willerson, assistant principal at Pepperell High School. "This gives the younger children something to look to and believe that they can be there in a few years and they can graduate!”  

Willerson coordinated with the feeder school principals to bring  the seniors from Pepperell High to the schools in the area in full graduation regalia. The younger students lined the hallways holding handmade signs that read “Congratulations,” “Good luck at college” and “Way to go Dragons.” There was also a lot of hand clapping and cheering as the soon-to-be graduates made their way through the halls. Dr. Willerson said, “While the Seniors were looking forward to showing how far they’d come they were also excited to get a chance to inspire the students to do their best and to show them what can be done.”

Not only was the event a thrill for the younger children and the seniors but the teachers at the feeder schools were thrilled to see their former students who are now only days away from high school graduation. Teachers waved and hugged their former students as they wiped away tears of joy. 


“The Senior Walk was even better than I hoped,” Willerson said. “Our kids were so excited, they really jumped on board when they found out we were going to the schools where they have so many memories." She added, "Many of the Seniors said it was the highlight of their Senior year.”

Pepperell senior Bethany Hancock had a huge smile on her face and tears in her eyes as she said, “It was amazing to be able to walk the hallways of these schools.”  “It made me really excited for graduation," said Pepperell senior Mason Ely.  "I can not wait to walk on graduation day!”  Senior Macy Wallace added, “I think we as seniors were just as excited as the elementary students!”

Video of Graduation Walk at Pepperell Elementary