Students build their model city
Armuchee students use geometric shapes to become city planners
Posted on 05/13/2016
AES cities build
"How will I use this in the real world?" This is a question a teacher often gets when teaching geometry concepts.  Teachers in the Armuchee area may not have to address that question as often because of a project two elementary teachers used to teach geometric concepts to their students.  Jennifer Phillips and  Josh Petty, fifth-grade math teachers at Armuchee Elementary School, took their students on a geometry adventure to build a city.

Children worked in groups to use geometric shapes and build their own model city.  The young city planners not only had to construct buildings but they also were required to plan a layout for their city including roads, mountains, rivers and lakes. The different land formations also allowed for including social studies and science concepts into the project.

The young developers were also required to show their architectural skills by drawing plans for each section of their city.  "This project was very useful in life," commented fifth-grader Jaslyn Edwards. "We used volume, coordinates, width and length."  Edwards city was called Mustache Mania City.

"What I like most about the project was building the 3D models," exclaimed Ethan Campbell, a fifth-grader. "I learned how to do volume better!"  In the fourth phase of the building project, each group was required to figure out how to make three-dimensional shapes for structures and follow that with finding the volume for each shape in their city. "It was fun creating the buildings," added fellow fifth-grader, Nick 

The final stage of the project involved presentations for each group to showcase their city design. "Some did Google Slides, PowerPoints, videos, Google Sites and other formats to show off their city and attract people to come visit," stated Jennifer Phillips, fifth-grade teacher.  
Photo: (left to right) Skyler Thurston, Braden Bell, Isabelle Espy, Mary Grace Traylor, and Gracy Padgett

Students and their city