Lifesavers and Bus Drivers
Lifesavers remind bus drivers of their role in safety
Posted on 04/08/2016
Bus driver

Floyd County Schools bus drivers received a pack of Lifesaver candy this week to remind them of their pivotal role in the safety of children.  The drivers also received a "Stay Focused" flyer with their Lifesavers to encourage safety on the highways for the weeks remaining in this school year.

The state of Georgia has not had a student fatality involving a school bus since 2014.  The state and local system want to keep drivers and students focused to extend this safety record through this entire school year.  The last time Georgia achieved two years in a row without a student fatality was school years 1993-94 and 1994-95.

"We hope this simple reminder will keep our drivers focused as we close out this school year," stated Dwight Tant, transportation manager for Floyd County Schools. "Safety in the transportation of children is a team effort between the drivers, the children being transported and drivers on the highway." 

The Transportation Department for Floyd County Schools came up with the Lifesaver candy idea to reinforce the safety message from the state.  The system encourages training and safety for drivers and children during the school year.  Loading and unloading drills are held to train children how to safely load the bus in the morning and get-off at their stop in the afternoon.  The system also plans a Safety Road-e-o on May 6th to encourage the development of driving skills for bus drivers.

System drivers have regularly won district and state level competitions demonstrating bus driving skills of system drivers.  A driver has also won a national title in the International Bus Safety Road-e-o competition.  Floyd County Schools has not had a student fatality in a bus accident since 1982.         

Photo: bus driver Gary Rush receives his roll of lifesavers