Professional Standards Commission
Independent investigator clears system employees in PSC complaint
Posted on 10/02/2015
An independent report investigating allegations against system employees filed recently with the Professional Standards Commission found no evidence to support the claims of a former system employee filed by an Atlanta attorney.  Floyd County Schools received the report on Wednesday outlining the findings of Mr. David Archer, an attorney from Cartersville hired to investigate the issues. The report has been forwarded to the PSC as requested by the state organization governing professional educator certification.  

The PSC did not find sufficient grounds to investigate the allegations but remanded the issues back to the local board of education for investigation.  The board hired Archer in August to conduct an independent investigation. The report prepared by Archer found no factual basis to support any of the allegations against system employees under the PSC.

Archer also investigated a number of allegations in the complaint leveled against Floyd County Board of Education chairman, George Bevels.  Bevels is not an employee of the system and not a certified educator so he would not fall under the purview of the PSC.  Of the various allegations against Bevels, only one was found to have any merit. Mr Bevels informed Archer that he had requested a system employee to help him with preparing drawings for a small construction project several years ago. "I did make the request but it was not done with an intent of wrongdoing," Bevels said. "I volunteered that information to Mr. Archer in our initial meeting and I regret if I put the employee in a difficult position - that was never my intent."  Mr. Bevels requested an estimate of the cost of time for the employee to prepare the drawings and he has reimbursed the system $75.00 - the estimated cost for the time used by the employee. 

"I have worked for the children of the community for more than 26 years on the board and the education of children has been and will continue to be my first priority," Bevels commented. "It has been my honor to serve the good people of Cave Spring and McHenry and I will continue to dedicate my time and energy to educating our children and providing a brighter future for our community."