Purchasing Policy Revisions
Purchasing procedures tightened in revised policy for Floyd County Schools
Posted on 05/01/2015

Floyd County Schools is proposing revisions to purchasing procedures with the submission of a revised board policy and administrative rule to guide the process of making purchases to support learning in the classroom and the system’s mission of “Destination Graduation for every child.”  The revised policy will be submitted for first reading at the next regular meeting on Tuesday, May 5, 2015.  All new board policies require the change to be open for public review prior to formal adoption at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the board.  The new policy could be formally approved at the June Board of Education meeting.     

With the new policy, purchasing will be categorized in levels requiring increasing fiscal management controls as the purchasing dollar amounts increase.  The levels will range from Level 1 for purchases below $1,000, Level 2 for purchases from $1,000 to less than $10,000 and Level 3 for any purchase of $!0,000 or more.  The new position of Director of Internal Audits and Compliance will also be required to review major expenditures.

Level 1, costing less than $1,000, will be referred to as discretionary spending.  Competitive pricing will not be required but will be encouraged for effective fiscal management.  Purchases in this level will require purchase orders approved by the department head or principal.  Items must be detailed in their description on purchase orders with no abbreviations.     

Items purchased in Level 2, more than $1,000 and less than $10,000, will require competitive quotes.  Three written quotes for the item will be reviewed by the Director of Internal Audits and Compliance for approval or revision.  Detailed descriptions of items to be purchased will also be required for Level 2 purchases.

Level 3, costing more than $10,000, will require competitive sealed bids, requests for quotes (RFQ) or request for proposal (RFP) to select a vendor.  Competitive sealed bids must be in accordance with written specifications identified by the Floyd County Board of Education submitted in writing at a time, date and place specified in the bid advertisement.  Purchases under $50,000 can be approved by the Director of Internal Audits and Compliance.  Purchases $50,000 and above will require final approval by the Floyd County Board of Education.  

Local bids will be examined with priority and the local community presence represented in a bid given due consideration.   

The new policy's administrative rule will also outline consequences for unauthorized purchases, unethical behavior and rules regarding gifts from vendors.  Vendor responsibility in the purchasing process is outlined as well in the policy.  Vendor contracts can be terminated, if the vendor is involved in unethical behavior,

The new policy will help the system to move forward in the mission of "Destination Graduation for every child.”  Dr. Jeff McDaniel, Superintendent of Floyd County Schools, will recommend the new policy at Tuesday's board meeting. "These new procedures were developed with the input of Periscope Holdings, a nationally recognized expert in procurement working with government agencies and school systems across the country," McDaniel said. "These changes will allow our schools to provide the learning opportunities needed by our children and give the community confidence that tax dollars are being used to maximum efficiency."  McDaniel added, "The focus of everyone in this school system is Destination Graduation and this policy supports that mission."