Superintendent charts course forward to "Destination Graduation"
Superintendent charts course forward to "Destination Graduation"
Posted on 04/17/2015
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Floyd County Schools is moving forward in the system’s quest for “Destination Graduation for every child” as Superintendent Dr. Jeff McDaniel today announced a personnel reorganization plan in a meeting with principals.  “We will not take our eyes off the prize of Destination Graduation in this school system,” McDaniel stated to the group. “We have experienced turbulence on our journey but we begin today to assure the community our focus is improving the future for our community and our children.”  He added, “Anyone who does not share our dedication to children and the philosophy that every dollar entrusted to our system must be used in the best interest of children has no place in Floyd County Schools.”  Dr. McDaniel’s presentation to principals involved an organizational restructuring of personnel and changes in purchasing procedures. 

In announcing the organizational restructure, Dr. McDaniel displayed a flow chart that will change duties and responsibilities of personnel but at the same time reduce cost to the school system.  “This restructuring involves existing personnel in new roles more so than adding new people,” McDaniel said. “Duties will shift and responsibilities will change to allow our system to be more efficient and effective for children.”  One significant change will be the new position - Director of Internal Audits and Compliance.  Lee Kaylor, currently in the Finance Department, will move into this new position that will review purchasing and finance in all departments in the system.  Dr. April Childers, currently working in the area of strategic planning, will assume the role of Deputy Superintendent.   “This position is all about creating a line of support for our departments and schools rather than being about authority,” explained McDaniel. “Dr. Childers will be able to bring continuity to efforts across the school system from academics in the classroom to maintenance efforts in our schools.” 

The old organizational chart had a distinct separation between academics and other support efforts in the system.  In January 2010, Education Planners of Marietta, completed a study of Floyd County Schools’ organizational structure and proposed a streamlined organizational chart very similar to the one Dr. McDaniel presented to principals.  The new structure proposed by Educational Planners was designed to improve communication across departments.  Dr. McDaniel also announced that Dr. Glenn White, principal of Model High School, would be filling the position of Director of Student Services.   The other two positions in tan on the chart, director of school improvement and facilities manager, are currently open and the system is seeking quality candidates.  Dr. McDaniel said, ”I have worked closely with the Floyd County Board of Education on this reorganization, while these changes do not require board approval due to reassignment of personnel, the board has been instrumental in all aspects of the planning.”  The plan was also developed in cooperation with the Local School Coordinating Council.

Dr. McDaniel has also worked with the Local School Governance Team at Model High School to consider a replacement for Dr. White at Model High.  The Model High LSGT met this week with the superintendent to share with him the characteristics they felt were vital for the new principal.  On Friday morning the Model High LSGT considered internal options in the system and unanimously recommended Scott Savage, current principal at Midway Primary, to Dr. McDaniel for the position of principal at Model High.  Scott Savage has an MBA and education degree.  He has owned his own business and worked in the school system for 16 years.  Savage has served as an assistant principal at the middle school and high school level and has worked in high school discipline and academics.   His current school, Midway Primary, is scheduled to close at the end of this school year. Dr. White and Scott Savage will assume their new positions at the completion of this school year.

Dr. McDaniel closed with details on revised purchasing procedures for the school system.  “How we purchase materials needed for the education of children has changed, and while different, we will adapt and be more efficient as we move forward,” McDaniel stated. “We have a heightened awareness, new positions in personnel to review purchasing, and new procedures for procurement that will ensure every dollar is directed to the benefit of children.”  Periscope Holdings, a nationally recognized company specializing in procurement procedures and policies, reviewed the system’s new plans for purchasing last week.  “Periscope was very impressed with the procedures we planned to implement and gave us the green light to move forward,” McDaniel said.

The school system will be out for spring break next week so it was very important to let the community and staff know the positive steps being taken by administration to move the school system forward.  “I wanted to make sure everyone went into the break understanding that our focus is the interest of children and we are ready to move forward at full strength ready to support our schools in teaching and learning,” said McDaniel. “We have many positive accomplishments that have been overshadowed in recent days as we have had our charter system status renewed and many of our student s earned well deserved academic honors this spring.”  McDaniel added, “This school system will not be deterred from our mission of helping every child reach the destination of graduation prepared for the challenges of the future.”