Technology Awards
Armuchee Middle students bring home tech awards
Posted on 03/20/2015
Armuchee Middle School Technology Student Association (TSA) students are racking-up technology awards at competitions across the state.  students competed in the Georgia Educational Technology Fair recently and won five medals in the technology competition.  A total of 17 regions from Georgia competed at the event with over 1,000 students participating. 

Ben Graves and James Blankenship won first place in Case Modification to bring home the top medals for the Armuchee teens.  For Case Modification, the two crafted a flight simulator from a normal trash can. 

Other winners were: Zainab Waseem and Kasey Barnett won second place for Digital Video Production and Abby Murphy, third place, for mobile app design.  Murphy's partner was Shelby Wilder. 

Students had to win in regional competition to advance to the regional tech fair.  Armuchee students participating placed at the Northwest Regional Tech Fair held in December at Georgia Highlands College.

Other students competing from Armuchee Middle were Caleb Hammond and Gavin McClellan in Robotics and Olivia Martin in 3D Modeling.

Armuchee TSA students also created websites that competed in the TAG-Ed WebChallenge.  Two of the sites are being featured on How Stuff Works.  Two teams from Armuchee were in the top 20 websites featured.  

The sites were:

Print Your Future - a site about 3D printing developed by Armuchee 7th graders: Maddy Judd, Elizabeth Peyton, Hailey Sanchez and Emilee Singleton.
Flying to the Future - a site about flying cars developed by Armuchee 6th graders: Cameron Ellison, Bailey Henderson, and Logan Lively.
The students are in the technology class taught be Beth Wardlaw at Armuchee Middle School.  Wardlaw also works with the TSA group at AMS.