High Schools Earn AP Honors
All four Floyd County high schools earn state Advanced Placement honors
Posted on 02/19/2015

All four Floyd County high schools were among a select group of high schools across the state honored by State School Superintendent Richard Woods this week as he announced the 2015 Advanced Placement (AP) Honor Schools.  Armuchee High, Coosa High, Model High and Pepperell High were all honored as AP Challenge Schools and AP STEM Schools.  

AP Challenge schools are small high schools of under 900 students offering the AP advanced courses in the core subject areas of English, math, science, and social studies.  Advanced Placement (AP) classes offer rigorous college-level learning options to students in high school.  
AP classes and exams are administered by the College Board, which also administers the SAT.  Students who receive a 3,4, or 5 score on an AP exam may receive college credit.      

AP STEM schools have students taking AP tests in multiple math and science courses. "This is tremendous news because earning AP honors is indicative of the high priority placed on providing the challenging courses for our students that will prepare them for success after graduation," stated Dr. Jeff McDaniel, superintendent of Floyd County Schools. "Students taking these advanced courses are motivated to succeed and these honors show that our schools are dedicated to helping these young people reach their goals and achieve success after they reach the destination of graduation from high school." 

AP Honor Schools are named in five categories based on results of 2014 AP classes and exams. The categories are:
AP Challenge Schools: 
Schools of 900 or fewer students with students testing in four of the core areas of English, math, science and social studies in AP courses.

AP Access and Support Schools: Schools with at least 30 percent of their AP exams taken by students who identified themselves as African-American and/or Hispanic and 30 percent of all AP exams earning scores of 3 or higher.

AP Merit Schools: Schools with at least 20 percent of the student population taking AP exams and at least 50 percent of all AP exams earning scores of three (3) or higher.

AP STEM Schools: Schools with students testing in at least two (2) AP math courses and two (2) AP science courses (AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics B, AP Physics C, AP Computer Science).

AP STEM Achievement Schools: Schools with students testing in at least two (2) AP math courses and two (2) AP science courses and at least 40 percent of the exam scores on AP math and AP science exams earning scores of three (3) or higher.

Floyd County high schools have regularly earned AP honors for the last several years. The system made the commitment to be a leader in Advanced Placement courses offered to students with the move to a more extensive offering of advanced courses with the introduction of the Honors College Prep Program in the fall of 2002. This advanced program of study for students in Floyd County Schools is among the top college-preparatory  programs in Northwest Georgia. The comprehensive, rigorous, advanced program of study is designed to prepare students for the most demanding college or university. Honors Prep is available at all four Floyd County high schools. 

The expansion of Advanced Placement class offerings was a major component in raising the level of academic opportunities available to students in Floyd County. “It takes a dedication to providing the best possible education for children to provide these advanced classes in our small local high schools," stated George Bevels, chairman of the Floyd County Board of Education. "Our children get the advantage of small high schools that can provide them more individual attention while also getting the advanced classes to help them tackle the greatest challenges in their future they can imagine.”