2014 SAT Scores
2014 scores keep Floyd County among the state's top performers
Posted on 10/10/2014

SAT scores for students in Floyd County Schools were once again well above the state and national average in a report released recently by the College Board.  As a system, Floyd County Schools posted a total score of 1499. The score kept Floyd County Schools in the company of the best school systems in the state of Georgia for 2014.  Floyd County Schools ranked in the top 10% of public school systems on the composite SAT score, ranking 16 out of 179 school systems in Georgia.  The system ranked as 12 of 179 in critical reading, 14 of 179 in math, and 19 in writing.  

Pepperell High had the highest score in the system for the second year among Floyd County high schools with a score of 1573, a 20 point jump over their high score last year.  All four Floyd County high schools surpassed the state average and Pepperell High topped the national average by 76 points.  The state average score for 2014 was 1445 and national average was 1497.   

Floyd County students achieved a verbal score of 510, a math score of 505 and a writing score of 484.  Floyd County outdistanced the state on each section of the test.  The state scored 488 on verbal, 485 on math and 472 on the writing section.  Floyd County topped the national average of 497 verbal, the nation scored 513 in math and 487 in writing.   

In posting the highest score in the school system, Pepperell High students achieved scores of 537 verbal, the highest system math score with a 537, and 499 in writing this year.  Coosa High totaled a score of 1484, with a verbal score of 495, 505 in math and 484 in writing. Model High had a 1474 total score with 510 verbal, 488 math and 476 writing; and Armuchee High totaled 1473 with 498 verbal, 496 math and 479 writing.  All four high schools ranked in the top 20% of schools in Georgia public schools.  Pepperell ranked 33 out of 412 schools; Coosa was 75; Model, 81; and Armuchee 83 of the 412 high state high schools. 

To achieve gains in SAT scores, Floyd County Schools has made a number of academic enhancements over the last ten years.  The system increased the number of advanced academic courses available to students, provided SAT prep classes, and added the Honors Prep advanced academic program.  "SAT is just one of the many indicators of the results from students taking an increasingly rigorous course schedule," stated Dr. Jeff McDaniel, superintendent of Floyd County Schools. "Our system's focus from primary grades through high school is helping our young people to reach the destination of graduation prepared for the challenges of the future."

Floyd County Schools has earned five honors in the Governor’s Cup SAT competition since the award’s inception in 2004.  Model High won the state title in 2008 for the top gains in SAT for Class AA.  Coosa High won the state title in 2004 and the region title in 2007.  Armuchee High won the region title in 2009 and finished third in the state that year. Floyd County also helped the community to earn the top ranking in “best places to live in the country” by SmartAsset.

Floyd County Schools has made the following enhancements in the academic program in recent years to improve student performance:

  • Addition of honors level classes
  • Increased expectation for student achievement
  • SAT Prep classes
  • Extensive training for English and mathematics teachers in test preparation
  • Increased emphasis on vocabulary in all core classes
  • Increased use of SAT format in instruction
  • Guidance and counseling focused on preparation and readiness for SAT
  • Emphasis on summer reading
  • SAT prep activities incorporated into daily instruction including: SAT word of the day, SAT math problem of the day, etc.

The SAT is a college entrance exam that is developed, administered and scored by the College Board. The SAT is designed to test the subject matter learned by students in high school and the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in college. The test has three sections -- critical reading, mathematics and writing.