Parent Involvement
Parents attend Pepperell Primary math workshop
Posted on 09/22/2014

Parents and grandparents of Pepperell Primary students learned how to help children with math homework last week at a Common Core math workshop held at the school. Interested adults learned the basics of a new computer based study program known as “A Story of Units” used by the primary grades in Floyd County Schools. The program is an online learning resource that assists students, and parents with homework and learning outside of the classroom.  “The parents are very excited to discover what is out there for them and their child” said Margaret Bagwell, lead teacher and instructor of the parent math program at Pepperell Primary.  "Parents have been very receptive to the program and what it has to offer.”  

A similar session will be offered for parents at Pepperell Elementary School on Wednesday at 7:20 a.m. The information will be provided as part of the school's Kids Invite Someone Special program at Pepperell Elementary.  Students can invite someone special to them (parent or relative) to eat breakfast with them and learn more about math on Wednesday morning.  The visitors will also get information about math resources.  Pepperell Elementary held an evening session last week with assistance from Shorter University.  Parents and children attending the elementary school event learned fun, interactive math games.  Pepperell Elementary's events are also structured around the theme "A Story of Units." 

Core standards over a large population across the country has made resources more readily available for parents online. "These standards are: research and evidence based, clearly understandable and consistent," added Bagwell. "They are also aligned with college and career expectations, based on rigorous content and application of knowledge through higher-order thinking skills." The math resource includes learning games, quizzes, and studying resources. 

The new programs and resource opportunities in math are in addition to other available options to help parents stay connected offered by Floyd County Schools.  Other options include: PowerSchool's online grade book to help parents keep up with grades and Math Tutor available on the Floyd County Schools website.