Ron Clark to open the new school year
Disney Teacher of the Year and author to kick-off Destination Graduation - for every child
Posted on 07/22/2014
Ron Clark
The new school year is just a little over a week away with teachers starting Friday and the first day of school set for Friday, August 1.  The start of a school year is always exciting but this school year, educators in Floyd County Schools will be energized to kick-off the new year by Ron Clark, nationally known teacher and author. Clark will launch the system's Destination Graduation - for every child initiative speaking to all teachers, staff and local school governance members in the school system at The Forum on Tuesday, July 29 at 8:30 a.m. 
Ron Clark motivates and provides methods for teachers across the country to use innovation and creativity to reach the children in North Carolina and New York City..  His books, The Essential 55 and The Excellent 11, shared Clark's methods for raising test scores using his unique classroom methods with thousands of educators across the country.  He has appeared on numerous national TV shows, including two appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show, where Oprah named him her first "Phenomenal Man."  Clark's first year working in Harlem, New York was the subject of the Emmy nominated made-for-TV movie, The Ron Clark Story." 
Clark will launch Floyd County Schools' new system initiative, Destination Graduation - for every child.  The new focus of the system and community will make the graduation of each child in the system the central goal for every teacher, administrator, maintenance worker, bus driver, school nutrition worker, local school governance team member, parent, government leader, business representative and county resident.  Each person can play a part in helping children reach the milestone of graduation from high school.  The program will seek to motivate every player in a child's success to understand the role they play in each child's journey to graduation.  Destination Graduation - for every child will also seek to maximize the system's flexibility with Georgia charter system status to encourage innovation to help each child graduate.  Destination Graduation - for every child will seek to mobilize the community to join the effort.  Parents, business partners, and the Greater Rome Chamber of Commerce have been included in the formation of the effort to help each child navigate the path to graduation day.       
The new school year beginning Friday, August 1 will feature a full 180 day school year that will end on Friday, May 22.  Check out the new school calendar at: 2014-2015 School Calendar.