GeorgiaBest Certification
Pepperell High students earn business ethics certificates from GeorgiaBest
Posted on 07/08/2014
Pepperell High School students have an advantage as they move into today’s workforce or further their education through the school's participation in the Georgia Department of Labor's GeorgiaBEST program.  This year, 93 Pepperell students were among a group of more than 6,000 statewide to earn a GeorgiaBEST certificate in the Business Ethics Student Training program. The program provides students with training in 10 soft skills and good work habits most often in demand by employers. 

Working with business and industry, the Department of Labor put together 10 standards in the GeorgiaBEST program. Discipline, character, attendance, punctuality, work habits, teamwork, time management, attitude, communication skills, responsibility and organization are among the standards stressed as part of the program.  Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler initiated the program in January 2012 and more than 200 schools currently participate. 
Teens earn one, two or three points per standard, depending on how well and consistently they exhibit the skill. To receive a certificate, participants must earn 25 out of a possible 30 points, including one in each category.  The students are also evaluated on grade point average (GPA). A GeorgiaBEST certificate enhances a recipient’s college or job application.
GeorgiaBEST grew out of discussions with state employers about the skills they wanted to see but were not always finding in young job applicants. 

Pepperell High students earning a certificate were:

Johnathan Adams
Braden Adams
Christina Arrington
Logan Bates
Alexis Beard
Mallory Boatfield
Dawson Boatner
Katie Boyd
Taineisha Brown
Jessica Churchwell
Sarah Churchwell
Damian Coffia
Nasia Collins
Michael Crowe
Jaden DeBoard
Pieter Debruijin
Dwayne Digsby
Tori Donald
Jamie Duncan
Rachel Eaves
Adam Eickleberry
Teiana Ely
Vinson Ferguson
Heaven Forsyth
Kathryn Forsyth
Kirsten Forsyth
Nicholas Fox
Ashton Freeman
Tristan Green
Kaylan Hanks
Brandon Hardegree
Hayden Hardin
David Harrell
Ke-airra Henegar
Abbey Hensley
Kalyn House
William Huckaby
Grant Jackson
Griffin Jackson
Harrison Jackson
Patrick James
David Jognson
Kaleb Johnston
Dalton Jones
Michael Lucas
Alexis McCullough
Caitlin McDonald
Shawn McDougal
Christopher McElwee 
Valarie McElwee
Daylee McGraw
Sean McLemore
Trevor McNeil
Obdulio Mendoza
Lucian Mills
Derek Minter
Tialashia Moore
Logan Morris
Kansas Nunley
Chandler Ortwein
Annabelle Paige
Christian Parsons
Casey Peace
Moises Ramirez-Sanchez
Jacob Redden
Denisa Reyes
Joseph Rickman
Brianna Roberson
Dayln Roberson
Silvia Rodriquez
Geshlee Ruiz
Mireya Santillan Cruz
Alejandro Santillan Sandoval
Catlin Sexton
Samantha Silvey
Yasmin Silvey
Chancy Siniard
Madison Sissom
Heaven Spain
Jyneisheya Strickland
Samantha Strickland
Jordan Talbert
Fabiana Tomas
Chase Turpin
August Wade
Olivia Waits
Brandi Breanna Walraven
Savannah Walraven
Ragan Ware
Aaron Watts
Colby Williams
Jeffery Williams
Hannah Womack
To learn more about the program, visit the GDOL’s website at www.employgeorgia.