SmartAsset ranks Floyd County tops in the country
Schools help Floyd County earn #1 ranking by national financial firm
Posted on 05/19/2014

Schools helped to make Floyd County the best place in the country to live, according to SmartAsset, a  technology-based financial firm based in New York.  SmartAsset rated communities across the country based on education, safety and tax rates.  Floyd County did not just make the top ten but was rated the best in the country.  According to a blog announcing the rankings on the SmartAsset website, residents of Floyd County and the other top counties are “getting a deal – better public schools and lower crime rates compared to the amount of money they pay each year in property taxes.”

SmartAsset ranked communities based on: how good are the schools, how safe is the area and how much is paid in property taxes?  Schools were ranked from 10 (the best) to 1 (the worst) based on test performance in math and reading, weighted by the number of students.  Safety was based on Federal Bureau of Investigation reports of violent crime and property crime rates.  SmartAsset’s data includes an analysis of the tax rate and taxes paid per capita. View full report from SmartAsset.

Floyd County Schools received a ranking of 7 in the report that helped to push our community to the top of the listing of counties across the country.  “It is tremendous that a national company has recognized our schools and our community as the best in the entire country,” stated Dr. Jeff McDaniel, superintendent of Floyd County Schools. “We had to make very difficult decisions in the last year, but we never lost sight of the importance of providing a top-quality education for our children.”  Those efforts have also been recognized recently by Standard and Poor’s as the company upgraded the system’s bond rating when the school system secured bonds to build the new Coosa High School.  The new rating helped the system save money when securing the funds needed to begin construction this summer.

In the Smart Asset analysis, Floyd County’s tax value index was 202.297 which far exceeded the second-place  community on the list.  Sandoval, New Mexico was in the second spot with an index of 149.921. Washington, Utah was ranked third with an index of 145.505.  All the communities in the top ten were ranked a 6, 7, or 8 in the school rankings.  The national average school ranking was 5.53.  “The entire community can take pride in this good news from our top-quality  law enforcement personnel to our government leaders and our excellent teachers in our classrooms,” added McDaniel. “The Floyd County Board of Education and our school system work with our community to provide the best possible educational opportunities to produce graduates prepared to enjoy a quality life for themselves and for our fine community.”    

The SmartAsset website was launched  in July, 2012 to use data and technology to provide financial models to help consumers make more informed and better financial decisions.   The company was founded by Michael Carvin, an expert in Private Equity and a graduate of Princeton; and Philip Camilleri, a computer programmer and software developer in the field of investment banking.