Model High Microsoft Certifications
Model High earns 50 Microsoft Office certificates
Posted on 04/11/2014
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Model High School completed Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) testing recently with a total of 50 MOS certificates earned by students and their instructor.  Model test takers experienced a high rate of success with 96.4 percent passing the rigorous exam.   Model High is an accredited Microsoft IT Academy and that prestigious designation allows students to earn industry recognized credentials in Word 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Excel 2010, Access 2010, Word 2010 Expert and Excel 2010 Expert.   

A total of 31 students earned Word 2010 certification, 18 were successful on PowerPoint 2010, and one earned an Excel 2010 certificate.  Three Model students earned certification in two areas. Jordan Touchstone earned certificates in Excel 2010 and PowerPoint 2010; and Garrett Johnson and Stephen Googe in Word 2010 and PowerPoint 2010.  Mr. William Hosmer, MS IT Academy Coordinator and business teacher at Model High School, also earned certificates in Word 2010 and PowerPoint 2010.  

Certificates issued by Microsoft Corporation will be awarded to students passing the MOS exam at the Model High awards ceremony scheduled for May 13 for freshman, sophomores and juniors and May 15 for seniors. In addition, a total of 103 certificates from Microsoft will be given to those students who passed the Microsoft Digital Literacy certification exam last fall.  “I am glad that the program could add some substantial bullets to our student's academic and career resumes,” said Hosmer.  “These industry recognized credentials will help these students stand-out in today’s highly competitive job market.” 

Model students earning certification are:

MOS certification in Word 2010

Jacob Stewart, junior 

Samantha Camp, junior  

Thomas Boylan, sophomore 

Garrett Johnson, junior                    

Jonathan Bryan, freshman              

Wesley Walker, sophomore            

John Yancey, sophomore               

Joshua Edwards, freshman            

Steven Googe, sophomore             

Samuel Bryant, freshman               

Chandler Adams, freshman            

Ashleigh Boatner, freshman            

Dustin Bailey, freshman                  

Ben Payton, freshman            

Grant Griffin, freshman                   

Hunter Hays, freshman

Allison Selman, junior

Kristen Scoggins, senior

Courtney Thompson, senior

AnnaGrace Turrentine, freshman

Gregory Thompson, sophomore

Zachery Price, senior

Keiarne Turner, junior

Anna Hunt, senior

LeAnn Johnstone, freshman

Noora Khateeb, freshman

William Hosmer, teacher

Leonel Bello, freshman

Brayden Routledge, freshman

Courtney Thornton, freshman
Jordan Worfford, freshman 

MOS certification in PowerPoint 2010
Zachary Jenkins, sophomore
Justin Reynolds, junior
Madison Jeter, senior
Jeffrey Kennedy, junior
Taylor Reese, junior
Austin Price, senior
Jesse Griffin, senior
Garrett Hoffrogge, senior
Garrett Johnson, junior
Lamya Khateeb, senior
Sarah Wilson, senior
William Hosmer, teacher
River Brannon, junior
Jacob Gilmore, freshman
William Locklear, junior
Steven Googe, sophomore
Jordan Touchstone, senior
Robert Pearson, senior

MOS certification in Excel 2010

Jordan Touchstone, senior