Brick Road Prize for Poetry
Armuchee freshman's poem earns Brick Road Greear Prize
Posted on 03/19/2014
Brodie Fox
Bodie Fox, a freshman at Armuchee High School, has won the Brick Road Greear Prize for Poetry in the Carson McCullers Literary Awards held by Columbus State University. Fox's poem is titled, "Where I am From."  He is a student in Leah Young's honors English class at Armuchee High. 

Fox was one of only two high school entries selected for the prestigious award.  Columbus State awards two of the college's students and two high school students in Georgia each year.  Fox will receive $150 and his poem will be published in Arden, Columbus State's award-winning literary journal.  Fox and the other literary winners will be honored and receive their awards at CSU's annual Awards Reception and Dinner on April 1.  

Where I am From

I am from the small grass

from the smell of pine trees.

I am from the sound of a nearby running creek

from the sound of woodpeckers pecking at the hard bark of trees.

From the sight or horses grazing

and deer and squirrel running through the woods.

I am from the sweet smell of fried apple pies

from the smokey smell of wood smoke.

I am from the sound of horses neighing

from the sound of coyotes howling throughout the night.

From having a fish on the line

and watching a hawk in the air.

I am from the smell of fruit trees in bloom

from the smell of fresh tilled ground.

I am from cold morning hunting

from hot summer evening horse rides.

From where snakes are plentiful

and where corn grows tall.

I am from the pocket.

-Bodie Fox