School Calendar Change Reminder
Reminder that Monday is now a school day
Posted on 03/12/2014

Friday is still an off day for students and staff, but Monday is now a regular school day.  This is just a reminder that Monday is a change from the school calendar you may have printed and stuck on the refrigerator at the beginning of the school year.  Monday became a school day to make up one of the missed days because of snow in February. 

Monday will give our students and teachers a full day to make up some of the course content that was missed on the days we were unable to attend school.  Research studies are clear that returned full days of instruction are the best ways to help children and teachers catch-up some of the content that was missed when we were not able to be in school.  This day will help students be successful in courses and on tests that will be faced before the end of school.  Students have the CRCT state tests, End-of-Course tests and AP tests that will make it critical teachers be able to cover as much material as possible before testing.  Adding Monday should help teachers to cover the material and not be rushed. 

Floyd County Schools is focused on helping each child reach the goal of graduation.  Giving them the best opportunity to be successful in their coursework and on critical tests is a big part of that preparation.  Not giving them that opportunity can impact course grades, grade advancement, grade point averages and ultimately graduation. 

Please make a not on your calendar that Monday is a full school day for students and staff in Floyd County Schools.