State Academic Decathlon
PHS team and individuals earn honors at State Academic Decathlon
Posted on 02/25/2014
PHS Academic Decathlon

Intelligence, effort, and team work are the three elements necessary to succeeding in an academic competition. Teams from Pepperell High and Coosa High utilized these to succeed at the annual Georgia Academic Decathlon State Championship. Pepperell and Coosa were among twenty-three teams competing last weekend in the PAGE Georgia Academic Decathlon State Championship at Berkmar High School in Gwinnett County.  In the competition, teams win team titles and individuals can earn honors in competition categories. 

The Pepperell High Academic Decathlon team won the medium sized school division and qualified for the USAD National online competition to be held on April 25.  The Pepperell team also finished third overall in division two and won third-place overall in the Super Quiz segment of the competition.  

In individual honors, six Pepperell team members earned awards and two team members from Coosa brought home medals.  

Individual honors:
Hayden Owen, a senior at Pepperell, tied for bronze in Super Quiz in the Honors division.  He also tied for bronze in Super Quiz overall.
Blake Rochester, a senior at Pepperell, tied his teammate Owen for bronze in Super Quiz and bronze in Super Quiz overall.
Grafton Flock, a senior at Pepperell, took bronze in Art in the Scholastic division; bronze in Interview overall; and Silver in Interview, Scholastic division.
Savannah Crabbe, a senior at Pepperell, won gold in Language, Varsity division; silver in Super Quiz, Varsity; and silver in Super Quiz overall.
Masumi Askew, a senior at Pepperell, took bronze in Super Quiz, Varsity division; and bronze in Super Quiz overall.
Bill Crowe, a senior at Pepperell, earned the bronze in Essay, Varsity division; bronze in Super Quiz, Varsity; bronze in Super Quiz overall, silver in Art, Varsity; silver in Language, Varsity; and silver in Music, Varsity.
Layton Hayes, a senior at Coosa High, won silver in Literature, Honors; and bronze in Science, Honors.
Zack Coffman, a senior at Coosa, earned bronze in Literature, Varsity division.

Teams from across the state compete first in a district level competition, then each district winner goes on to the state level to represent their school system. The Academic Decathlon features three divisions of competition: Honors, Scholastic and Varsity.  The academic contest includes competitions in language and literature, math, economics, social sciences, music, and art.  The competition also features a Super Quiz contest.    

Photo: PHS team (L to R) Front Row: Blake Rochester, Michael Payne, Marlin Wright, Bill Crowe, Cameron Sharpe; Back Row: Savannah Crabbe, Hayden Owen, Masumi Askew, and Grafton Flock.