Schedule changes due to missed snow days
Early release days cancelled due to missed days of instruction
Posted on 02/05/2014
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Many in the community have inquired about possible make-up days for the instructional time missed due to weather since January began.  We understand that changes to the school calendar can be disruptive to the community and to families.  At the same time, we guard instructional time in our schools because it is that time in the classroom that helps prepare our children for academic success.  With these issues in mind, we have decided to adjust the calendar to cancel the planned early release days on Thursday and Friday of next week.  Instead of students being dismissed at 1 p.m. on February 13 and 14, these will become full school days for all students.  Students will still be out of school on February 17 for President's Day.  All other school calendar days will remain as planned at this time.

The school system is still within state regulations regarding instructional minutes required during the school year.  The state will not require us to make-up the days we have missed so far this year.  Making Thursday and Friday full days of academic instruction will recover valued instructional time without requiring students to come to school on days when school was not planned to be in session.  Taking no action now and missing additional days later in the year would certainly require changes to Spring Break or when the school year would end.  Of course, we can't predict weather patterns that may impact our area in the remaining days of winter and missing significant time could require additional changes in the school calendar.  However, taking this action now will reduce the possibility of needing to impact family travel plans during planned breaks.

Cancelling Early Release days does not mean that parent and school communication is not a priority.  Teacher conferences planned for those days will be held, maybe not on those days, but they will be held at a time that will be convenient for parents.  For those with conferences scheduled that need to keep them at the set time on those days, schools will work with you to keep those appointments.  Teachers will make parent contacts and reschedule conferences, if parents feel one is needed.  

There is also the issue of a grading period that was to fall this week.  Due to the missed days, there is little to report in regard to grades at this time.  Many classes will have very few grades to factor into a progress report grade.  This could give a false perception of how a student may be performing in a class.  Because of this, we will not issue a progress report on Friday as scheduled.  Again, this does not mean that communication with parents regarding grades is not important.  Ensuring parents have this information is vital to the teamwork needed between school and home to make sure our children are successful.  

To bolster home communication, teachers will work to ensure that online grades are kept up-to-date for parents to review on the school system's PowerSchool Internet portal and they will make parent contacts to discuss issues that students may be having in school.  This will give parents a more accurate picture of how their children are performing in class and enhance the communication between parents and teachers.

We hope these adjustments will help teachers to cover the instructional material necessary for our students to be prepared for academic success, provide information to keep our parents informed and protect the plans of families as we move into spring.  If you have a question about a parent conference or a student grade, please contact your school or your child's teacher.