Out-of-District Procedure
Floyd County Schools accepts students who live out-of-district
If you do not live in the district for Floyd County Schools, the system welcomes children and families seeking quality schools. There is no tuition for out-of-district students attending Floyd County Schools. 

Getting started with the out-of-district process
The process begins with the school principal. Contact the principal of the school you would like to attend to get the process started. The principal will have the information you need to begin the application process. Please note that the application must be renewed annually.

What is considered for acceptance of out-of-district students?
Principals consider an applicant's grades, attendance, and discipline records when considering acceptance of an application for out-of-district student. Each of these are also reviewed when a family is seeking a renewal of out-of-district status. 

Out-of-District Guidelines: 
  • Final admission will be dependent upon receipt of appropriate school records from the last school attended. Disciplinary record and/or file or copy of the most recent grade/progress report is required for consideration.
  • The child must be a Georgia resident
  • The applicant shall not have an active case before Juvenile Court or Superior Court.
  • Student shall have passed all courses taken during the previous school term and, if applicable, shall be passing all courses in which he/she is currently enrolled. Students must demonstrate appropriate academic performance level as indicated by report card or progress report from the last school or childcare facility attended and performed at appropriate level on the Criterion Referenced Competency Test (CRCT) and, if applicable, the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT);
  • There shall be no excessive absences or tardies
  • There shall be no referral for truancy during previous school term
  • Parents or students must provide transportation
  • Students coming from a nontraditional setting (home school or private facility) may be required to meet expected academic performance level in educational screening
  • The school system must have as a part of its current instructional program services which will meet the educational, physical and emotional needs of the student.
A one semester waiver and probationary acceptance may be recommended by the principal for a student who fails to meet the attendance, behavior, and/or academic performance guideline if extenuating circumstances warrant such a recommendation. Failure to meet the guidelines for any previous semester may be waived based upon the student's successful completion of the probationary acceptance semester.

Specific behaviors which may result in termination of out-of-district status include but are not limited to:
  • Continued violations of the Behavior Code;
  • Excessive absenteeism;
  • Excessive tardiness;
  • Failure to disclose out of district status; and
  • Failure to participate in extended learning if student's performance is below grade level.
  • Failure to meet academic performance expectations and requirements.

Board Policy: JBCB-R
Policy Exhibit: JBCB-E