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The facts about waivers and Charter System
Posted on 10/21/2014
Floyd County Schools has received a few emails and seen information on an Internet outlet that is distributing misleading information related to the charter renewal application. The issues in question were addressed in the first meeting held last week. These are not new issues or something new to charter systems. In fact, these same questions were raised five years ago when the school system first entered into a charter agreement. System administrators are very happy to talk about and address the concerns regarding waivers. The options available to the system are not new options under charter. Floyd County Schools and all charter systems currently have a waiver from Title 20 rules which encompasses all issues being raised from class size to salary schedules. The system has had those options available to us under charter for the last five years. During that time, we did not act on decisions the misinformation is claiming could happen because it is not the right thing to do and would not improve the quality of education in the school system.   READ MORE...
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